Compressed Air Filters

Compressed Air Filters

Supplier & Manufacturer of Compressed Air Filters & Oil Removal Filters. Our product range also comprises of Compressed Air Dryers, Compressed Air Accessories.

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air is basically produced by the compression of atmospheric ambient air containing all the usual pollutants. Compressed air filters, often referred to as line filters, are used to remove contaminates like dust particles, oil from compressed air after compression has taken place. Air leaving a standard screw or piston compressor will generally have high water content as well as oil carry over and other contaminates. Special air filters are used for the filtration of compressed air. Every pneumatic application is different and requires different filtration levels.

Specifications we can manufacture are
Sr No Type Of Filter Range
    Flow Rate Pressure Filtration Efficiency (Microns)
1 Borosilicate Glass Fiber 10 CFM To 10000 CFM 0.5 Kg/cm² to 40 Kg/cm² 0.01
2 Sintered bronze
3 Polymer Candle

Oil Removal Filters

When ambient air is compressed to a higher pressure in a compressor the impurities in the atmosphere also get into the air. The oil from the atmosphere and within the compressor also gets into the discharge air of the compressor. This oil content in the compressed air is harmful for the various components present in the compressed air line. For the removal of oil content in the compressed line Activated Carbon Filters are used. The Activated Carbon adsorbs the oil content from the compressed air thus giving out Oil-free compressed air.

Specifications we can manufacture are
Sr No Type Of Oil Filter Range
    Flow Rate Pressure
1 Activated Carbon Filter 10 CFM to 10000 CFM 0.5Kg/cm² to 40Kg/cm²


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