Customized Refrigeration Solutions

Customized Refrigeration Solutions

Our experience and expertise in the field of refrigeration enables us to give customized solution to the different problems faced by the customer. So of the customized solutions that we have successfully executed are

Food Pulverizer Air Chiller

It is a known fact that when pulverizer is used to grind the food products considerable amount of heat is generated. This heating up of the grind mixture sometimes causes consistency issues in the end product. To reduce the heating up of the food product while it is being pulverized we have developed an Air Chiller that uses dry chilled air to chill the food product while it is being ground in the pulverizer. The product has been successfully tested and currently in operation in prominent food and spice processing industries.

Air Dryer for CNG Pump Application

Compressed air is used during theworking of CNG pumps. It is necessary that dry moisture free air should be supplied during the. We manufacture compact,  high pressure (upto 16 kg/cm²) desiccant air dryers that can be supplied along with the CNG pumps.

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