Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant Air Dryers.

In Desiccant Air Dyers, the compressed air is passed through a pressure vessel filled with an adsorbent media such as activated alumina, molecular sieve or other desiccant material. Two vessels with desiccant are used. The desiccant can bring the dew point of the air down to -40 degrees Celsius or below. This means that the air will not condense water until it is cooled to -40 degrees Celsius. Wet air enters the vessel through a pre-filter to remove any oil and other contaminants which protects desiccant’s long life. Pre-filtered air enters into adsorption tower through solenoid valves controlled by an electronic timer. In practice two vessels are used; one vessel is drying the air, while in the other the moisture absorbed by the adsorbent in the vessel is being regenerated. After a pre-determined period of time the switching of the vessels takes place with the help of the electronic timer. The other absorber tower undergoes regeneration with a portion of dry air exits from adsorption tower. This regenerated air is purged out of the system.

Features & Advantages

  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • No heater Required
  • Electronic Timer for Reliable and Continuous operation
  • Fully automatic
  • Wall mountable models also available
Sl No Type of Dryer Range Type of Desiccant
Flow Rate Pressure
1 Heatless Air Dryer 5 CFM to 500 CFM Up to 40 kg/cm Activated Alumina
2 Activated Alumina


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